Lake District Part 1

Lake District Part 1

For only the third time in my life I am not only out of Benarty but also out of Scotland for New Year, twice I been in Australia and this time it is the English Lake District. My plan is to do a bit of walking and a bit of sightseeing however when arriving on the 30 of December 2019 the weather wasn’t that great. However, I won’t let this put me off.

On Hogmanay I decided to walk Vellhellyn, a 950m hill or 3,117 feet in old money.

Unusual for December, it was a lovely sunny day as I drove to the Swirls Car Park at the foot of the hill. The route from here is fairly straight forward or, so I had read!!

The path to the summit is easy enough to follow as it has been laid out with rocks and boulders which means you are basically climbing stairs for much of the way. There are also sections with scree but these don’t give you any problems.

The vista is lovely as can be seen from the images above.

Birkhouse Moor

I was surprised to see snow.

The summit

Once reaching the summit I was surprised to see how busy it was. There seemed to be walkers coming from all directs. I was taken aback when I was passed by around six cyclists on the summit.

After a cuppa and a sandwich it was time to head back down so rather than go down a route I didn’t know I decided to retrace my steps back to the car park.
On the way back down I could not believe my eyes when I passed two guys wearing shorts and trainers. One even had a small child on a harness on his back.

Once you got about half-way the wind picked up and it was a cold biting wind. And these guys had summer shorts on, crazy.

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