Stockholm, Sweden. Sept 2019

Stockholm, Sweden. Sept 2019

Stockholm was an unplanned trip but one I had to make in order to get to Tallinn. To cut a long story short I turned up at Edinburgh Airport the day previous for the flight to Tallinn only to discover I didn’t have my passport. So I wasn’t allowed to board the flight to Tallinn. After pulling my lip back in I returned home and spent the next few hours organising another flight to Tallinn but the only way I could get there was to fly to Stockholm and from there catch another flight to Tallinn. However, it meant I had to spend around 6 hours in the city. Not too bad an option I thought as I could spend this time exploring the city.

I arrived at Skavsta Airport not knowing that it is one of four airports that serves Stockholm and is an eighty minute bus journey to the city centre.
On arriving in the city I decided to make my way to the old town.
Stockholm is made up of fourteen islands which stretch to the Baltic Sea. The old town is typical of northern European cities with narrow streets and colourful buildings.

Crossing the bridge above takes you to the island of Gamla Stan which is where the royal palace is and most of the old town.

The Royal Place
Palace Guard

I like this photo because before taking it I asked the guard if it was alright to take his photo and he nodded approval then he posed and looked straight at the camera.

The waterside is a really lovely part of the city with many ships and ferries docking there. It is also where the cruse ships berth and allow their passengers to explore the city. One of the places worth a visit is the Nation Museum, the large building in the photo above, which is country’s museum of art and design.

The Sculpture Courtyard is reminiscent of an Italian piazza and is a great place to sit and admire the sculptures and people watch. The museum has organised tours and I sat for around an hour watching and listening as groups were ushered in and informed about the sculptures and the artists who created them.

When I arrived in Stockholm I was under the impression that, as Sweden is in the EU, that the currency in use would be the Euro but it isn’t!
Like the UK, Sweden did not join the Single European Currency so you can imagine my shock when I got there with a wallet full of Euros and to find the local currency is Crowns.

I had no need to worry though as Sweden must have one of the best electronic payment systems in Europe. I paid for my bus from the airport to the city using Apple Pay. During the hours I spent in the city I was able to pay for food, drink, the odd coffee and entry fees electronically.

So after a day sight seeing in Stockholm it was time to make my way to Arlanda Airport which is 40 kilometres to the north of the city. So purchasing a ticket, paid for by Apple Pay, I was off again this time to Tallinn.

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